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We were given a challenge by www.thirstmag.com to come up with uniquely local/malaysian ingredient based cocktail.as we pondered on the options,naturally using local fruit, herbs came to mind, however we wanted to raise the bar and go for flavours that were typically found in a popular hawker fare, and interpreting it into a cocktail.


Malaysian cocktail recipe inspired by one of the most famous dish, laksa. Instead of eating it, you can now drink it.




2 pieces torch ginger/bunga kantan

4 – 5 pieces lemongrass

1 bunch laksa leaves/daun kesum

4 -5 red chilli padi

2 cups caster sugar

1 piece galangal/lengkuas

Fresh lime juice


Malibu rum


Collins glass


Laksa syrup

Clean and slice lemongrass, galangal & torch ginger

Place sliced herbs in a saucepan and add 1 cup of water, 1 cup caster sugar and simmer

until all the sugar has dissolved
- Let the mixture steep for 30 to 50 minutes

Chili padi syrup

Slice the chili padi lengthwise 
- Add 1 cup of caster sugar and 1 cup water along with the sliced

chili padi into a saucepan
- Heat until the sugar is completely dissolved
- Let the mixture steep for 30 minutes.


1) Place a few laksa leaves into a mixing glass

2) Place a few pieces of torch ginger in the mixing glass


3. Add 20ml of fresh lime juice


4. Muddle until all ingredients are incorporated


5. Add 40ml of vodka

6. Add 20ml of Malibu rum


7. Strain the mixture into a second mixing glass


8. Add 30ml of laksa syrup

9. Full the mixing glass with cracked ice

10) Stir the mix until its thoroughly chilled


11) Add a few laksa leaves in a glass

12) Add a few cubes of ice

13) Add a few pieces of torch ginger

14) Top up with ice

15) Add a chili padi




16) Strain the mix into the glass


17) Add a few drops of chili padi syrup last